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Leasing or Purchasing a Maritime Container: An Overview

For shipments made on a regular basis, purchasing your own container(s) is the most effective means for long-term cost optimization. When thinking about purchasing, make sure that your company has a consistent need for containers of the same size and features, otherwise the containers may go unused and incur storage charges. If your budget is tight and the timeframe is shorter-term, leasing may be a better option.


Multi-tier visibility in the supply chain- Q&A with Tom Linton

Over the last 100 years or so, the supply chain has been a straightforward, easily visible, 2-dimensional linear-type process. You have suppliers, planning, materials and manufacturing logistics followed by the distributor, wholesaler dealer and then end-user. What’s happening now is that the process is moving towards a 3-dimensional model. The emphasis and need for sustainability, visibility and agility is steering the supply chain in a multi-level direction.

Operational Excellence05.26.2022

Whitepaper: Overcoming today's supply chain disruptions

While order book for industrial companies either are robust or show increasing order volume and value, part shortages and the other supply chain issues inhibit the companies from realizing the orders. In this whitepaper, the factors leading to the existing supply chain disruptions are identified. Different solutions for overcoming the difficulties are presented and their impact is discussed.

Operational Excellence05.03.2022

Regrello Goes to the Movies – Supply Chain

In Kitchen Stories (Norway), we learn about the power of efficiency and process through simple time and motion studies. Time and motion studies are still valuable to this day as they show how even slight changes in workflow can substantially alter your cost and time structures. The set-up of your manufacturing facility can make or break your profitability; make sure that your workflow is well-thought-out and tested.

Operational Excellence03.22.2022

Efficiency Tips as a Smaller Manufacturer

Staying competitive and profitable is a challenge for any smaller manufacturer. In this quick read, we share some tips to be mindful of in your day-to-day, as staff that are either saving or making the company money is an asset to any company.

Operational Excellence02.04.2022

Top 10 Steps for SOP for your Supply Chain Operations

What's the secret sauce behind McDonald's ability to manufacture and sell $50 Million worth of burgers on a daily basis? Having effective standard operating procedures. SOPs help simplify business processes, improve employee safety, maximize efficiency, minimize waste, and reduce the time required to train employees.

Operational Excellence09.26.2021

Whitepaper: How to drive Continuous Improvement in Supply Chain and Operations

Organizations need to drive Continuous Improvement in their Supply Chain & Operational processes to improve cashflow, streamline order processing and shipping cycles, drive cost reductions, better stock management, greater transparency, and increased customer satisfaction.