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Vertical Solutions

Highly Verticalized Solutions for Vertical Companies

Verticals Overview

The Regrello Solution Store is organized by Industry/vertical, such as Automotive or Electronics. Every Solution in the Store is tailored for a particular vertical, vs being a generic horizontal solution.

We believe that vertical solutions are much better than generic products as they more closely match the requirements you have, and require significantly less time to configure, customize and implement.

When we enter a new Vertical area we like to work with a small number of the leading manufacturers to make sure our Solutions address the real business challenges that they face. As we grow we will be adding more Verticals to the Solution Store. If you are interested in exploring a new vertical with Regrello, please contact us.

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Electronics Vertical

Electronics manufacturing is a huge industry, in the US alone the total sales are in the trillions of dollars. We have Solutions tailored to the companies that operate in this space, whether you are a $1B manufacturer, or a $200B global enterprise. 

We've partnered with some of the largest and most innovative companies in the world, like Dell Technologies and Flex, to create Solutions that can help you drive business innovation without the normal IT road blocks faced with traditional business applications.

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Automotive Vertical

Automotive is a massive, but quickly transforming space - Long established norms in this $3 Trillion dollar industry are being disrupted by new players, new technology, and rapid innovation. We have worked with our early adopters to build Solutions that address the most important problems faced by automotive manufacturers, from a $1B parts manufacturer, to a $200B tier 1 supplier. 

Our partners in this space include Daimler, and together we are building Regrello Solutions that seize the most promising opportunities in their industry. All of our automotive customers are seeing incredible ROI from their Regrello investments, and their usage is growing exponentially.

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Other Manufacturing Verticals

Interested in Other Verticals?

We are rapidly expanding into new manufacturing verticals.

We are currently working in Semiconductors, Consumer Packaged Goods, Industrial Manufacturing, Retail, Chemicals, and Pharmaceuticals. We are looking to partner with the most inspiring companies in each of these industries to jointly develop world changing Solutions on top of the Regrello Platform. If you want to be a part of building this exciting future, let us know.

We are also interested in going beyond this set of verticals - If you think your company would be a great partner in your industry reach out to us.