Enterprise Grade Features

Built with, and trusted by, the largest manufacturers on the planet. Powerful enterprise capabilities, embedded within the Regrello Platform, make every Solution enterprise grade. 

Enterprise Overview

Large enterprises have unique requirements that are often not met by packaged applications. To ensure that every Regrello Solution is truly "enterprise grade", the Regrello Platform has been designed with dozens of robust enterprise capabilities. 

These span areas such as task management, document management, search, supplier collaboration, enterprise access control, audit and change tracking, user authentication, data privacy, analytics and reporting, and rich integration capabilities.

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The Platform Allows you to Manage Tasks, Collaborate Easily with your Suppliers, Manage Documents and Search Across Everything

Task Management

The Regrello Platform has the built in task management capabilities that large manufacturers need, such as automatic task assignment to individuals, groups or roles, based on specifics of the task, and out of office support so work doesn't stop when people are away. 

These and other related features are built into the platform, and available for every Solution you use in Regrello.

Collaborate Thru Email

The Platform is designed to work with email, sending secure emails to people within your company and also to suppliers, customers and partners outside of your organization. Data can be securely entered directly within email so users do not need to login to a portal to provide information. 

Data is automatically validated and uploaded into Regrello, greatly reducing the time taken to complete tasks. Entire approval workflows can be executed directly within email, with built in reminders and escalations.

Documents and Attachments

Regrello has built-in support for all types of documents. They can be easily attached to tasks or emails, and are automatically analyzed and read (OCR) and data can then be passed directly into the system without the need for manual cut & paste of information. 

Built in document versioning is enabled everywhere, along with the ability to easily search across everything to find the documents you need.

The Regrello Platform Automatically Controls Access, Protects Data and Audits Everything at Enterprise Scale

Enterprise Access Control

The Regrello Platform was designed from the ground up to have secure access control suitable for the largest companies in the world. 

Built in features such as task level security and access controls determined by any combination of role/organization, the attributes of a particular process or workflow, and time, provide the capabilities that enterprises need to securely isolate work across their complex organization, and yet still have the ability to report across organizations and avoid the problems created by fragmented systems & data.

Audit and Change Tracking

Every action that is taken, every piece of data viewed, and every change that is made is securely logged within Regrello's Change Log. This is true for actions directly within the system, actions taken within email, or actions taken by API/integrations. 

All of these are stored according to strict retention rules and provided in a standardized audit history. 

User Security and Authentication

Every access to Regrello is managed by a sophisticated authentication system. 

Built in capabilities such as Single Sign On (SSO) and Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), coupled with deep integrations into your enterprise identity management system (IDMS) provide you the ability to efficiently provision, manage and monitor all users within Regrello.

Data Privacy

While Regrello leverages the massive scalability and advanced capabilities of the major public cloud providers, we have a unique hybrid solution (unlike most SaaS solutions) including dedicated databases and storage for each of our customers. 

This provides the level of security that the largest manufacturers demand for their sensitive manufacturing and supply chain data.

Get Deep Insights on all of Your Work With Built in Reporting and Enterprise Analytics

Custom Dashboards

The Platform comes complete with embedded visibility dashboards that can be easily personalized to your needs. You can create dashboards for specific processes, different organizations, or any other subset of work you'd like to analyze. 

Within these dashboards you can securely view process status, sort and filter however you want, compare data and quickly identify where you need to focus. Then you can drill down into the details and take the appropriate corrective action.

Rollup and People Level Reporting

In addition to custom dashboards, Regrello provides built in reporting on status reporting, rollup reporting and people-level reporting. 

These reports provide management with the visibility they need to operate at global scale.

Data Export for Analysis

While Regrello has rich embedded reporting and analytics capabilities, there are some analysis tasks that are best performed elsewhere. To support this the Platform has built in capabilities to easily select and export data as CSV for ad hoc analysis within your spreadsheet of choice. 

If you require true enterprise analytics the Regrello DataBridge provides automated nightly export of cleansed, complete and normalized data that you can easily ingest into your Enterprise DataLake. Once there, you can merge with other enterprise data and build sophisticated enterprise dashboards.

Use the Platform's Advanced Integration Capabilities and APIs to Easily Connect to Core Systems and Data

Integration and API Capabilities

Regrello is designed to exist within your existing manufacturing and supply chain ecosystem, so it comes fully equipped with multiple ways to integrate to other systems.

  • Use API Tasks to connect your pre-packaged application APIs
  • Leverage Synched Objects to automatically synchronize data between Regrello and other systems
  • Perform more complex integrations using Code Tasks, where you can plug code directly into Regrello workflows
  • Leverage the Regrello GraphQL API which allows you to take control of Regrello programmatically

API Task Integration

Connect to any custom or pre-packaged application APIs using REST

  • Update ERP with final record
  • Get approvers from external system
  • Pull in additional workflow information e.g. pricing
  • MES/PLM integration 
  • Supports all forms of authentication

GraphQL API Integration

Regrello has a fully featured GraphQL API which can be used to programmatically take control. This can be used to initiate actions from other systems such as

  • Starting a Regrello workflow when a new PO is entered into your ERP
  • Updating Regrello workflow status automatically based on an action in your PLM system

RPA (Power Automate) Integration

Integration to ERP is an important part of many workflows in Regrello: data needs to be extracted from ERP, processed in Regrello and the results pushed back into ERP and other systems. Depending on the robustness of the API set provided by your ERP system you can often leverage the mechanisms listed above.

However, many actions and data elements are not served by dedicated APIs. In this case, customer can leverage their existing investments into Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools such as Power Automate to securely and efficiently provide the ERP integration.

Sync'd Object Integration

Automatically synchronize master data between your ERP systems and Regrello such as

  • Item & Item Categories
  • Supplier Lists
  • Customer Lists
  • Correlated data picker for any master data

Workato Integration

Most large enterprise manufacturers have complex technology landscapes, consisting of many applications - these range from standard packaged applications, to industry specific solutions and custom solutions.  

Many of these have pre-built integrations to Workato, so to enable fast and reliable integration, Regrello has created Workato integrations. This opens up the possibility to connect to 100's of applications thru the Workato integration network.

Authentication Integrations

Provisioning and deprovisioning of users and managing access control within Regrello is a critical capability and to make that scale for enterprises, Regrello has built deep integrations with leading IDMS providers such as Microsoft Active Directory. 

We support SCIM/LDAP Protocols so this could be adapted to connect with other standard IDMS providers during implementation

Document Storage

Document management is an important part of any enterprise technology ecosystem, and Regrello has built in capabilities to securely attach and manage documents throughout the Platform. 

However, some companies already have document management systems such as Sharepoint, Docusign or Box so Regrello has prebuilt deep integrations to these systems that are available in every Regrello Solution.