The Regrello Platform

A single, integrated platform where you can create, personalize, execute and monitor your operations and supply chain solutions

Platform Overview

The Platform is the foundation of Regrello. It's the core that powers every Solution that we provide and it's why they are so different from every other application ever developed and also why they are so valuable. 

It has two major components:

  • The Regrello Studio - our drag-and-drop no-code process designer, where you create the Solutions that you need to grow your business
  • The Regrello Conductor - our powerful execution engine, where work is managed. This is where you execute all of your Solutions and get the value

Plus, within the Platform we have embedded dozens of enterprise capabilities that make every Solution scale for some of the largest manufacturers in the world. 

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The Regrello Studio is your no-code drag-and-drop process designer. It's built specifically by Regrello to let business users create and personalize powerful business Solutions without the need for traditional application development, or IT. Anyone can get started in minutes with our intuitive Studio and our prebuilt Solutions.

  • You can quickly create Solutions either manually or by downloading from the Regrello Solution Store.
  • You can personalize any Solution in a few minutes, plus patented AI can also automatically tailor Solutions for you, leveraging your proprietary company knowledge such as documents and process flows.
  • Over time the Studio learns how you use it, and will make suggestions based on what you have done in the past.


The Regrello Conductor is where you orchestrate all of the work that happens within the system. It has built in AI capabilities to focus you on the most important areas and automatically suggests what actions you should take.

  • It's where you submit all of the workflows across your organization, either manually or automatically.
  • It's where work is assigned, manual tasks are automated, and integrated systems are easily kept in sync.
  • It's where you can monitor everything that is in flight, get realtime status, drill into issues and take corrective actions.
  • It's where you can do detailed analysis of processes, both within the Platform and with seamless integrations to Excel and your enterprise data analysis tools

It's designed for business users to  instantly know what is happening, quickly make decisions and take the right action, all powered by AI.

Enterprise Grade Features

Large enterprises have unique requirements that are often not met by packaged applications. To ensure that every Regrello Solution is truly "enterprise grade", the Regrello Platform has been designed with dozens of robust enterprise capabilities. 

These span areas such as task management, document management, search, supplier collaboration, enterprise access control, audit and change tracking, user authentication, data privacy, analytics and reporting, and rich integration capabilities.