Create and Personalize Intelligent Solutions for operations and supply chain

Studio Overview

The Regrello Studio is your no-code drag-and-drop process designer. It's built specifically by Regrello to let business users create and personalize powerful business Solutions without the need for traditional application development, or IT. Anyone can get started in minutes with our intuitive Studio and our prebuilt Solutions.

  • You can quickly create Solutions either manually or by downloading from the Regrello Solution Store.
  • You can personalize any Solution in a few minutes, plus patented AI can also automatically tailor Solutions for you, leveraging your proprietary company knowledge such as documents and process flows.
  • Over time the Studio learns how you use it, and will make suggestions based on what you have done in the past.

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​Use the Regrello Studio to Create Intelligent Solutions

Download Solutions From the Regrello Store

The easiest way to get started with Regrello Platform is to download one of the many prebuilt solutions from the Regrello Solution Store. You can do this directly from the Studio. 

Simply choose from our growing catalog of Solutions, specifically built for your vertical. This creates your own personal version of the Solution which you can further personalize to meet your specific company needs (see below for details).

Create a Solution Manually

You can also create Solutions manually - but manually in Regrello is 100's of times faster than traditional application development - all without needing to write code!  

The Studio has a unique drag-and-drop no-code process designer, built for business users, and you can create complex processes in minutes, all without IT.

Use The Regrello Studio to Personalize Your Solutions at 80X Speed

Easily Personalize Solutions

Any Solution can be easily personalized using the Studio drag-and-drop  process designer - The place where you create processes also allows for incredibly fast Solution personalization. Reorder stages, insert new tasks, edit forms and fields, change validation, add approval tasks - All done easily, in minutes, with no coding or IT required.

Let AI Personalize Based on Your Company Knowledge and Processes

Many companies have tremendous amounts of company IP within their four walls. They have business processes, flow charts, operating procedures, guidelines etc. but they lack the ability to automate and utilize all of that knowledge. They exist as documents in a portal, or process diagrams in a binder on the shelf. The actual work still happens manually in email and excel, and every person operates a little different. 

With the Regrello Studio, you can securely leverage that company knowledge to automatically refine any Solution from the Solution Store to create a version that is tailored specifically for you, based on the knowledge that you provide in a secure document store. 

This all happens automatically, in minutes, and the result is a  Solution that you can see and further personalize in the Studio, but one that merges your own unique knowledge and requirements with the best practices embedded within the Regrello Solution Store.

AI Learns About Your Personalizations

One of the most powerful capabilities built into the Studio is the ability to learn as you personalize Solutions from the Regrello Solution Store. As you make changes, we build and iterate a unique AI model for you that understands all of those changes. 

Over time we will start to suggest, or even automatically apply, those changes for you.  So if you always change the term "Supplier Assessment" to "Vendor Verification", or if you call "Supply Chain Managers" "GSMs", or you always add an additional executive approval task to approval flows, we will learn those things.