90% of supply chain and operations data is stuck in email and Excel

Leading to lack of standard processes and visibility of status and issues

  • Increase Visibility
  • Automate Workflows
  • Manage Exceptions

Get Visibility For All Stakeholders

Stop combing through your inbox to figure out what’s going on in your business. Get a high-level status of your supply chain and operations at your fingertips. Understand insights and drill down into exceptions.

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active workflows by stage chart

Automate Your Workflows, Tasks and Approvals

Are you still living in excel? Stop chasing people down with workflows that run. Collaborate easily across your external and internal teams. Automate your approval process and automatically follow up on deliverables.

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workflow screen stages
workflow screen approval

Manage Your Business By Exceptions

Don’t know where are the bottlenecks in your supply chain and operations? Identify, track and solve bottlenecks that are creating exceptions to your workflows

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exceptions screen

Your Operations & Supply Chain on Autopilot.

0xReturn on Investment
0%Reduction in process time
0%Hours saved

Start with best practice templates and customize for your business

Created by leading supply chain and operations experts

PO Tracker

“Get real-time visibility into status, on-time delivery & exceptions to your internal stakeholders.”

– Dr. Muddassir Ahmad, SCMDOJO

Sourcing & RFX

“Automate your sourcing. Get 3x more RFX done at the same time”

– Steve Wills, Procurement Central

Supplier Performance

“Centralized status & documents”

– Dr. Muddassir Ahmad, SCMDOJO

Invoice To Payment Process

“Understand gaps that are creating exceptions to your payment process so you can build maturity.”

– Dr. Muddassir Ahmad, SCMDOJO

Product Development Lifecycle

“Automate process and documents. Improve efficiency by 50%”

– Bernhard Susskind

Build Your Own

Build your own custom template in 30 minutes or less.

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application view of custom workflow templates