Intelligent Vertical Solutions

Learn about our AI powered solutions and see how they can accelerate your manufacturing and supply chain operations

Solutions Overview

Regrello is a provider of next generation AI Solutions for operations and supply chain. We have built proprietary technology that allows us to create highly verticalized solutions, with built in AI capabilities, all supported by a Platform full of patented technology.

These Solutions can be easily personalized, in minutes, and without IT, to work precisely the way that your company operates.

They are all available in the Regrello Solution Store and can be immediately downloaded and quickly tailored using the drag-and-drop no-code process designer in the Regrello Studio. You can be up and running within hours - 100X faster than any of the traditional packaged applications.

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Intelligent Vertical Solutions

Regrello Solutions are not like every other packaged business applications. They differ in two major ways:

  • They have built in Intelligence from both the general knowledge of the internet, and the specific proprietary knowledge contained within your company. They also utilize AI to learn how your company operates
  • They are highly tailored to a specific manufacturing vertical and not generic, horizontal offerings that require massive implementation projects

This is why we call them Intelligent Vertical Solutions and they are possible because of the underlying power delivered by the Regrello Platform. The result is a set of highly relevant solutions, that are easy to personalize, deploy and manage, that make work better, faster & cheaper - all built on a future proof foundation.

Regrello Solution Store

The Regrello Solution Store is where you can go to find purpose built Intelligent Solutions to solve specific business problems that are highly relevant to your industry.

These have been created with, and are being used by, some of the largest manufacturers in the world.

  • Browse the Store, explore our Solution Categories, and find a Solution that addresses the business challenge that you have. 
  • Download it into the Studio, personalize it to your exact requirements, and then deploy with the Regrello Conductor. 

All in real time, with no need for complex IT driven projects - It's innovation at the speed of thought!

Vertical Solutions

The Regrello Solution Store is organized by Industry/vertical, such as Automotive or Electronics. Every Solution in the Store is tailored for a particular vertical, vs being a generic horizontal solution.

We believe that vertical solutions are much better than generic products as they more closely match the requirements you have, and require significantly less time to configure, customize and implement.

As we grow we will be adding more Verticals to the Solution Store. If you are interested in exploring a new vertical with Regrello, please contact us.

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