Use Case

Regrello Solution Store

An Online Marketplace for PreBuilt Vertical Solutions - Easily Tailorable to Your Business

Store Overview

The Regrello Solution Store is where you can go to find purpose built Intelligent Solutions to solve specific business problems that are highly relevant to your industry.

These have been created with, and are being used by, some of the largest manufacturers in the world.

  • Browse the Store, explore our Solution Categories, and find a Solution that addresses the business challenge that you have. 
  • Download it into the Studio, personalize it to your exact requirements, and then deploy with the Regrello Conductor. 

All in real time, with no need for complex IT driven projects - It's innovation at the speed of thought!

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Organized by Manufacturing Vertical

Vertically Specific not Horizontally Generic

The Regrello Solution Store is organized by Industry/vertical, such as Automotive or Electronics. Every Solution in the Store is tailored for a particular vertical, vs being a generic horizontal solution.

We believe that vertical solutions are much better than generic products as they more closely match the requirements you have, and require significantly less time to configure, customize and implement.

As we grow we will be adding more Verticals to the Solution Store. If you are interested in exploring a new vertical with Regrello, please contact us.

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Solutions are Grouped into Categories

Focused Categories

Within a vertical, the Solutions in the Store are separated by Categories - A Category contains a set of related Solutions, that are all be applicable to the same function, or group within a company.

Some examples of categories in the Store today are 

  • New Product Development
  • Engineering Change Orders
  • Supplier Assessments
  • Operations Management.

As we grow, we will be rapidly expanding the categories that we support. If you are a Regrello customer and are interested in working with us in a new Category, contact your account team.

Intelligent Vertical Solutions

What's in a Solution?

Any specific Solution in the Store contains all you need to download, personalize, deploy, manage and monitor the particular process in Regrello.  You'll get a blueprint process, complex forms for data capture and review, and dashboards to monitor status, identify issues and take corrective action. 

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Using a Solution From the Store

Using a Solution from the Store is easy. Authorized users can simply enter the Solution Store from the Regrello Studio. Select the Vertical that matches your company, choose your Category of interest, and then browse all of the Solutions. 

You'll see Solution names, descriptions, a visual of the process flow, business value discussion and case studies from existing Regrello customers who have deployed that Solution.

When you find the Solution you want, hit the Download link and it'll appear in the Regrello Studio, just like any other Solution. You then have all of the power of the Studio to personalize it.

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Personalizing a Solution

Now that you have downloaded your Solution from the Store, you can personalize it to match your specific requirements. 

The Regrello Studio is an incredibly powerful personalization workbench, and it combines human personalization with AI personalization to give you the capability to fine tune Solutions from the Regrello Store in a few hours. Traditional software takes months to implement, configure, & customize - Regrello is 100X faster.

There are three main ways to personalize a Solution from the Store (and you can combine all 3)

  • Use the drag-and-drop no-code process designer to manually change the Solution
  • Let AI personalize the Solution based on your secure, private repository of company knowledge (documents, process flows, standards etc.)
  • Review the suggested changes made by Regrello's AI learning capabilities, based on the changes you have made previously to Solutions downloaded

Click the link learn more about how you can use all the features of the Regrello Studio to quickly personalize any solution to quickly, and exactly, match your business needs.