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Intelligent Vertical Solutions

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Regrello Solution Overview

Regrello Solutions are not like every other packaged business applications. They differ in two major ways:

  • They have built in Intelligence from both the general knowledge of the internet, and the specific proprietary knowledge contained within your company. They also utilize AI to learn how your company operates
  • They are highly tailored to a specific manufacturing vertical and not generic, horizontal offerings that require massive implementation projects

This is why we call them Intelligent Vertical Solutions and they are possible because of the underlying power delivered by the Regrello Platform. The result is a set of highly relevant solutions, that are easy to personalize, deploy and manage, that make work better, faster & cheaper - all built on a future proof foundation.

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What is an Intelligent Vertical Solution?

Built-In Intelligence

Most applications are designed to allow users to perform a certain set of tasks, but it's up to the user to provide the intelligence and make all the decisions. Regrello's Solutions are different: they have built in Intelligence, which can super-power your users. They are intelligent in several unique ways:

  • The intelligence of the world's business knowledge is baked into every Solution 
  • Intelligence from your company's proprietary knowledge is built into each Solution
  • AI Intuition provides the complex review and validation that traditionally has only been performed by your most experienced users
  • AI AutoPilot learns how your company operates, and starts to suggest actions to accelerate work

Vertically Focused

Most business applications are horizontal, meaning they have been created as generic solutions. During implementation, customers need to spend significant time and money configuring them for the industry/vertical in which they operate. 

The reason for this is cost. Traditional applications are developed by hand, requiring 1,000s of engineers. So it is 10X cheaper to build a single horizontal application versus building the vertical specific capabilities customers actually require.

Regrello's Solutions are different - Because they are generated with AI, every Solution in the Regrello Solution Store is specifically created for a single manufacturing vertical, such as Electronics or Automotive. The result is that these Solutions have more native capabilities and functionality that is specific to the vertical where you operate, making them more relevant, more valuable and much faster to implement.

What's in a Solution?

Regrello Solutions consist of the following elements:

  • A Blueprint
  • A Dashboard

The Blueprint maps out the business process as a generic workflow template - It is meant to be used repeatedly. Blueprints consist of stages, which are a grouping of tasks. Stages can run sequentially, conditionally or in parallel.

The tasks within each stage can also run in sequence or based on specific conditions. Tasks are the action items that are assigned to specific people, roles or teams. Many of these tasks are automated by Regrello.

Tasks contain Forms and Fields to capture and review data that is relevant to that particular task. Forms and Fields have built in defaulting and data validation.

Dashboards are prebuilt reporting views that have been tailored for the individual process that is covered by the Solution.

How Do Intelligent Vertical Solutions Work?

Powered by the Regrello Platform

Much of the power within each Solution is due to the fact that Solutions are powered by the Regrello Platform. It provides many of the robust capabilities that make these true enterprise grade Solutions such as task management, document management, search, supplier collaboration, enterprise access control, audit and change tracking, user authentication, data privacy, analytics and reporting, and rich integration capabilities.

And it does it in a way that every Solution is consistent, allowing you to deploy and manage Solutions massively faster than any traditional application software. You can learn more about the capabilities of the Regrello Platform by clicking the link.

Works Through Email

One of the biggest challenges with any new software is user adoption. People are resistant to change, they don't want to login to new portals to do their work.

Regrello took a unique approach: Instead of asking every user, including all of your suppliers, to learn and use a new system to do their work, we put Regrello in the place where they are already working - Email.

Today you have 1,000s of emails created manually every day - this is where much of the work is done at your company: supply chain managers chasing suppliers on order status, engineers seeking approval of design changes for an ECO. Regrello takes all of this manual, unstructured work and manages it, but most importantly, allows the users to continue to work within email, just like before.

But instead of these being inconsistent, manually written emails, they are automatically generated with the precise information required. Responses are automatically processed. Everything is better and faster.

And adoption is easy, as there is no end user training required. This is why we have seen such rapid adoption and expansion at some of the largest manufacturers in the world.

Automatic Task Management

Every Regrello Solution acts as a digital program manager, helping you continuously move work forward. Tasks are automatically managed by Regrello: initiated at the right time, notifications, reminders and escalation are automatically sent, manual tasks such as sending emails or updating ERP are fully automated, complex approval processes are managed.

The result is that 

  • Work happens better: no more manual tasks, no more cutting and pasting into other systems, no more inconsistencies
  • Work happens faster: many tasks are 100% automated, wait time between tasks drops to zero, unnecessary steps skipped
  • Work happens cheaper: fewer people doing repetitive, error prone tasks. less "people-putty" connecting disparate systems, teams and processes

Learn more about task management provided by the Conductor by clicking the link below.

AI AutoPilot

Another big difference of every Regrello Solution is that they are built to learn from how your company operates.

Our AI Autopilot learns from what works at your company and all historical workflows that your team has executed to recommend:

  1. Best person to assign the task
  2. What additional tasks to do to handle the variation and more importantly, what tasks not to do.
  3. Even recommend email content to handle disruptions and issues based on what has worked in the past at your company in that situation.

The value is:

  • Continuous process optimization to complete workflows on/before time
  • Retention of knowledge of your company and how it works
  • Guide people towards your best practices that it learns from your best people who finish workflows on-time.

This is another patent pending deep learning model that is designed for operations process optimization. It automates the tedious process of process mining and hiring consultants to analyze all the data. Plus it does it at scale to all your processes, all the time.


Why are Intelligent Vertical Solutions So Valuable?

Work Happens Better, Faster & Cheaper

Work that is performed in Regrello has the following improvements:

  • Processes are standardized
  • Tasks are automated
  • Human activities are managed & automatically initiated
  • Reminders are sent, issues are automatically escalated
  • Emails are generated, responses are processed and validated by AI
  • Actions are suggested based on previous behavior

The result is that compared to how it is done today, Regrello is better, faster and cheaper - providing significant business ROI

All The Data and Processes Become Visible

A huge problem today is that data and processes are fragmented across email, spreadsheets and legacy software. With Regrello all of that gets centralized into our secure data repository. Once centralized it becomes visible which has the following benefits:

  • Status reporting becomes possible. You can see where every individual workflow is, who needs to do what, where the blocker is, and take the appropriate corrective action (which Regrello learns over time and then suggests the appropriate action)
  • You can start to compare different parts of your organization, such as looking at engineering change order completion times across your different plants to identify areas for improvements
  • Centralized data can be managed, secured and controlled. This level of governance and control isn't possible when data lives in spreadsheets stored on employees' individual laptops

Every Employee Gets AI Super Powers

Large companies have tremendous knowledge in the form of documents, processes and also the knowledge & experience held in the heads of their employees. The challenge is that this is distributed across the organization and impossible to harness and leverage. Regrello solves this through it's advanced use of AI:

Institutional knowledge is baked into the Solutions that you create, data validation understands the complex data and the rules within your company, AutoPilot learns from how you work and suggests what you should do. 

These capabilities take the knowledge from everywhere and everyone, and provides it systematically & consistently to the entire company. So your brand new team, in a new plant, can tap into the knowledge, and experience of the best team in your most established organization - all through Regrello.

These AI Super-Powers can dramatically increase the efficiency and effectiveness of everyone at your company.

Everything is Future Proof

Any successful company needs to remain agile - the world is constantly changing both on the business side and the technology side. Companies that do not continue to innovate, will be overtaken by more nimble competitors - COVID taught us that Status Quo is no longer acceptable.

Regrello has been built from the ground up to be future proof:

  • Technology Future Proofing - technology changes cause huge disruptions at every company. Most software has millions & millions of lines of code, all created in specific versions of specific technologies. As those tools become obsolete, and new tools are created, massive projects are required to update all of that code. This causes the need for huge upgrades that take up all of the available capacity for change.  Regrello Solutions are unique - The Solution you use do not exist as code, they exist only as a set of desired behaviors in the Regrello Studio. When you execute one of those Solutions, we render the product dynamically, in the latest version of the latest technology. So when a new technology is required (e.g. a new version of React UI, or a completely new device such as an Apple Vision Pro) we just need to update the Platform with a new renderer and then every single Solution across every single Regrello customer is immediately upgraded. 
  • Business Future Proofing - even perfect software becomes obsolete if the business requirements change, and in today's world it is clear that business requirements are changing faster than ever. Changing most software involves IT, project managers, Vendor upgrades, consultants and even the simplest change (like adding one field to a screen) can take months and months. Regrello's drag-and-drop no-code Platform allows the business user to perform such changes in minutes. This doesn't just save huge amounts of time and money, but more importantly it also you to innovate at the speed of thought. Super fast iterations become possible and you can react to business challenges and opportunities much faster than your competition.

The combination of these two means that your focus can always be on business innovation, and any investment you make will be protected, regardless of what technology and business changes you face.