Execute, Monitor & Analyze your Intelligent Solutions

Conductor Overview

The Regrello Conductor is where you orchestrate all of the work that happens within the system. It has built in AI capabilities to focus you on the most important areas and automatically suggests what actions you should take.

  • It's where you submit all of the workflows across your organization, either manually or automatically.
  • It's where work is assigned, manual tasks are automated, and integrated systems are easily kept in sync.
  • It's where you can monitor everything that is in flight, get realtime status, drill into issues and take corrective actions.
  • It's where you can do detailed analysis of processes, both within the Platform and with seamless integrations to Excel and your enterprise data analysis tools

It's designed for business users to  instantly know what is happening, quickly make decisions and take the right action, all powered by AI.

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Use the Conductor to Execute your Workflows

Initiate Workflows

Use the Regrello Conductor to initiate workflows. You can do this:

  • Manually through the easy to use drag and drop interface
  • Via email - Regrello can automatically process and parse emails, extract key data and submit the appropriate workflow
  • Through API/integration to another system. e.g. kick off a PO approval workflow whenever a new purchase order is entered in your ERP system

Automated Tasks

The Regrello Conductor automatically initiates tasks: many manual tasks can be completely automated, such as sending emails, extracting data from legacy systems, updating data in your ERP, or performing data validation. 

Tasks can be automatically assigned based on the task, specific data and other conditions - all without manual work.

Automated Notification, Reminders and Escalations

As your workflows make progress, the Regrello Conductor continuously monitors all of them and will automatically send notifications to the individuals, roles or teams who are assigned to each task.

These notifications can be actioned directly in email, greatly reducing the wait time between tasks. If due dates are approaching and progress is too slow, automatic reminders are sent as well as automatic escalations for critical events.


Regrello Conductor comes with native AI Autopilot. It learns from what works at your company and all historical workflows that your team has executed to recommend:

  1. Best person to assign the task
  2. What additional tasks to do to handle the variation and more importantly, what tasks not to do.
  3. Even recommend email content to handle disruptions and issues based on what has worked in the past at your company in that situation.

The value is:

  • Continuous process optimization to complete workflows on/before time
  • Retention of knowledge of your company and how it works
  • Guide people towards your best practices that it learns from your best people who finish workflows on-time.

This is another patent pending deep learning model that is designed for operations process optimization. It automates the tedious process of process mining and hiring consultants to analyze all the data. Plus it does it at scale to all your processes, all the time.

Monitor all of Your Workflows with the Regrello Conductor

Control Center

The Regrello Conductor provides quick-look visibility into project and workflow status, including percent complete, estimated delivery date, and who, if anyone, is blocking the process.

See real-time insights in a single screen summarizing where suppliers and internal teams are, while retaining the ability to dive down to individual messages in a few clicks

Realtime Workflow Status

With the Regrello Conductor you can always get realtime status of every process that is running. Quickly identify the outliers and exceptions, drill into the details to see what the bottleneck is, and take the appropriate action to get work back on track.

AI Predictive Delays

Regrello uses deep learning to analyze historical data within your organization, such as lead times by supplier, region, item, and person to predict delays in long processes before they happen. 

Most manufacturing systems work on hardcoded lead times and lack an intelligent, evolving sense of how long processes are taking.

Analyze all of your Wokflows using the Conductor

AI Summaries

The Regrello Conductor provides AI generated executive summaries of all workflows - It reads and monitors all email communication about a process and summarizes the latest status to give you actionable context. You don’t have to read hundreds of email threads or drill into the process details to get a quick understanding of what’s going on.

This provides visibility at scale which just wasn’t there without spending 10x more time reading emails.

Dynamic Dashboards

Quickly see what’s blocking your workflows, what's overdue, and how to unblock it. You can slice and dice workflows by team, plant, product, or any piece of data to create personalized views that can be shared with other team members.

Spreadsheet Data Export & Analysis

Easily export selected Regrello workflow data into your favorite spreadsheet and perform adhoc analysis

DataLake Integrations

Leverage the Regrello DataBridge to automatically synchronize your data to your Enterprise DataLake. Nightly upserts reliably provide you current information in an easily importable, cleansed, complete and normalized format. Import into your Enterprise DatLake, merge with data from other systems, and create analytics dashboards using your tools of choice.