Use Case

Supply Chain

Stop Chasing down suppliers through email and get predictive visibility into delays

Order Tracker

Get real-time status on your orders from acknowledgement through shipping and mitigate the risk of supply shortages

PO Exception Resolution

Never shut down your production line by resolving PO exceptions much faster and efficiently. Reduce excess inventory and free up cash flow

Supplier Quality

Improve your quality management system by automating information requests form your suppliers and centralizing all the documents and data in one single place

Supplier Qualification

Scale and speed up your supplier qualification process by eliminating manual data collection, standardizing forms and controlling how you receive information

Corrective Action Requests

Get from containment to root cause analysis and remedies for every nonconformity identified and increase visibility of status and progress of actions

Invoice Payment Flow

Improve time-to-payment and reduce your cost per invoice by creating a solid financial process that minimizes errors and inefficiencies

Collaborative Problem Solving

Increase transparency and eliminate misunderstandings by centralizing information when working on solutions with your internal and external teams. Get real-time visibility on status of all actions

Approval Flows

Quickly route approvals through your process and stop them from being lost in emails. Automate reminders and escalations to allow your team to focus on what matters


Increase transparency across your suppliers and give your sourcing and procurement teams the ability to quickly customize their processes to adapt to global and market changes and minimize supply chain disruptions