Use Case

Product Development

Collaborate across engineering, PM, supply chain, and quality to speed up product development processes and get real-time visibility on issues.

New Product Introduction (NPI)

Improve your time-to-market and launch new products quickly to maximize sales and market share

Engineering Change Orders (ECO)

Automate every step of your process and provide real-time visibility dashboards internally and to your customers

Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) & First Article Inspection (FAI)

Digitize your approval processes and drive cost savings through improved quality and reduced time to manufacture

Lean Manufacturing/Kaizen

Meet your continuous improvement goals throughout the organization by expanding and standardizing best practices

Collaborative Problem Solving

Increase transparency and eliminate misunderstandings by centralizing information when working on solutions with your internal and external teams. Get real-time visibility on status of actions

Approval Flows

Quickly route approvals through your process and stop them from being lost in emails. Automate reminders and escalations to allow your team to focus on what matters

ISO Audit

Centralize your information and documents throughout the organization to easily prove compliance across all your internal processes