Robotic Integrations

Automate keeping your ERP or custom system up-to-date  

Prebuilt 3rd Party Integrations

Built in 3rd Party Integrations that sync automatically and keep data up-to-date.

Save files into Box

Send NDAs and contracts through Docusign automatically. Merge data from Regrello workflows in Docusign Templates.

Create, read, and update PO’s automatically in SAP and Oracle

Save files into Sharepoint

Master Data Integration

Easily reference your master data and validate against your customers or item master in Regrello Workflows without the need for copying data. Regrello automatically refreshes the data and keeps it up-to-date from your master database

Integration Framework

Automate any task by calling a RESTful service or API to automate away manual repetitive work like updating a custom system. Regrello supports standard API but can also call any external service to read or write data from any external system.