Deployment Timeline and Cloud Options

Path to Value in 30 days

Designed to be anti-ERP in ease of use and customizable without IT. Get to visibility and value within 30-60 days.

Go live with 1 process in 3-5 hours of investment of time working with leading supply chain experts from Regrello.

We have designed the Regrello platform for operation users with usability and ease of customizations as the primary objective. Anyone in your supply chain team can become a Regrello expert in 2 hours. 

Implementation SessionWorkTime Required
Customize ProcessWork with our supply chain experts to customize your template
1-2 hrs
Onboard TeamOnboard your internal teams
1 hr
VisibilityOngoing office hours with Regrello’s supply chain experts

Public Cloud

Regrello is available globally within the Google Compute Cloud with 24x7 support and reliability to scale globally. We also have it deployed in Alibaba Cloud in China to provide the performance and reliability required for Chinese users.

Private Cloud

This option is available for enterprises who require extra control and security of running Regrello within their own private cloud. Regrello can be deployed within your own GCP private cloud environment.