Analytics And Reporting

Get a high-level view of your business and predict delays before they happen

Predictive Delays

Use AI to Predict Delays before they happen. Regrello uses historical data for tasks, approvals, and supplier confirmations to learn how long internal/external teams take to do any task; then it predicts how long a workflow is behind. Think Google driving directions for supply chain.

Personalized Dashboards

Quickly see what’s blocking your workflows, what's overdue, and how to unblock it. You can slice and dice workflows by team, plant, product, or any custom field to create custom views that can be shared with other team members.

Search Everything

Regrello reads and OCRs all documents (BOM, CAD, Images, Messages) and makes everything instantly searchable. 

Enterprise Data Lake

Setup automatic sync of Regrello data to your data warehouse (Snowflake, BigQuery, Databricks…) to allow business users to build custom dashboards using Tableau, PowerBI, etc.


Regrello tracks all changes and provides an audit history of all data, documents, and communications. You can go back in history and understand who changed what or what was said

Security Audit Log

Regrello tracks every single data access and view of every document so you can understand who views your data and documents internally or externally at suppliers (unlike email). Leaks can not only be prevented by redacting access but you can see an audit log of every action, change, and access to your designs and data.