Autonomous Workflow Engine

Stop Chasing People and using Ad Hoc Processes.

No Code Designer

Drag and Drop Process Builder that you can customize in 30 minutes – without IT. Regrello is flexible to fit your process.

Best Practice Blueprints

Start with Best Practice Blueprints designed by Industry Experts in partnership with the Institute For Supply Management (ISM)

Execute Tasks through Email

Take Actions Easily from any device without logging in. Allows for faster adoption with suppliers.

Smart Forms

Create custom forms that capture data points and documents from your suppliers.  Easily summarize, filter, and sort through this data or push it to a central system.

Task Automation

Tasks are automatically kicked off from a templated process so you don’t have to send emails and chase up automatically to close.

Supplier Collaboration

Regrello workflows can securely span multiple suppliers with security to prevent them seeing the entire workflow. This allows suppliers to update data directly into Regrello without need for email back-and-forth. Suppliers only see tasks assigned to them with fine granular security control.

Centralize Data and Documents

Centralize Data and Documents in one place so you don't have to spend time searching your inbox.


Tasks get auto-escalated to management if they get overdue so you don’t have to manually escalate.


Reminders get sent out daily with what's due and overdue through email. Action can be taken directly in email

Enterprise Grade Permissions

Control at a fine granular level how much your suppliers, or even internal members, can view, update or comment. Unlike spreadsheets or project management tools, Regrello is designed from the ground up with access control for suppliers and managing sensitive data.  It also allows you to easily provide reporting to senior management by giving them access to workflows from multiple teams.

Business Hierarchy

Ensure data is secured among different projects or business groups, and get the right balance of centralization of process and separation of data.