What's New?

Inspired by challenges discovered in the COVID supply chain, Regrello is built from scratch for manufacturing operations and supplier collaboration. The platform is flexible enough to capture your unique business and IP and can be customized in minutes rather than months.

Use AI to Generate Enterprise Workflow Applications in 1 min

The Lattice Super Large Tabular Model (LTM), trained on a trillion data points, knows about the entire business world from parts, companies, sites, to tensile strength of stainless steel. Along with a fine tuned LLM for manufacturing content, it can generate a Regrello Workflow definition which provides a starting point for customization.

Users can generate an Application which otherwise would take years and millions of dollars to build in 1 minute. The App comes with:

  1. Workflow
  2. All forms in the process
  3. Any approvals
  4. Business rules such as data validation
  5. Correlated data validation
  6. Default values based on previous fields
  7. Auto-correct incorrect data

This patent pending platform is the first of its kind. It is only possible since the underlying Regrello platform defines an application as content which can then be executed as code.

Personalize Applications at 80X Speed without Code or IT Engineers

Regrello’s drag-and-drop Workflow Designer enables quick customization. Revise manufacturing and supply chain processes in minutes vs. months.

Regrello’s drag-and-drop Form Designer creates rich forms, pulling complex data requests out of Excel. The drag-and-drop interface removes the need for IT or Software Engineers to create complex forms. Features built-in support for validations, conditional rules and synchronization with ERP, PLM etc.

Modern ease of use enables self-service onboarding and reduces training time. 

Workflow engine automatically handles many common supply chain and manufacturing requests.

Form designer is specifically designed to capture the complex data for manufacturing and supply chain inputs.

Regrello automatically connects and includes communication around workflows and forms

Use Novel AI to Auto-validate Data without Code to Prevent Errors

The Lattice LTM (patent pending) is trained to predict and validate all manufacturing-related data given (a) its entire knowledge of the business world and (b) the information provided in the form so far and (c ) all previous form fills.

It can validate that the phone number matches the address and the shipping address matches the company sites. 

It can also execute sophisticated data validation hard for people to do, like verifying that the shape of the VAT or Tax ID matches that of the address; thus, the Indian Tax ID for the company looks different than a US tax ID. Or that description of the product being shipped matches the HS code for that product.  

The algorithm has been developed from scratch for manufacturing data validation.

Auto-Fill Forms to Improve Speed of Data Capture from Suppliers at 5x

Given basic company or part information, the rest of the form can be filled with clean data from public information. So Lattice LTM can fill in basic form information like correct company name, website, addresses, standard part numbers, description, revenue, certificates, etc.

But it can go further and learn from customer data and predict the correct quantity or tax amount. If entered incorrectly by the user, it can suggest corrections. 

The goal of the system is to speed up data capture from suppliers and customers but also prevent bad data from entering the system.

Take Action via Email

By removing the need to log in to a portal, Regrello enables quick adoption and improves productivity.

Close out tasks, upload docs, or do approvals securely via email. Provide data and documents via email that can then be used elsewhere in Regrello or pushed to other systems.

Allows internal and external users, including customers, suppliers, and contractors, to provide data via email without logging in.

Run in Autopilot Mode with AI

Regrello Intelligent SuperApp Platform comes with native Autopilot. It learns from what works at your company and all historical workflows that your team has executed to recommend:

  1. Best person to assign the task
  2. What additional tasks to do to handle the variation and more importantly, what tasks not to do.
  3. Even recommend email content to handle disruptions and issues based on what has worked in the past at your company in that situation.

The value is:

  • Continuous process optimization to complete workflows on/before time
  • Retention of knowledge of your company and how it works
  • Guide people towards your best practices that it learns from your best people who finish workflows on-time.

This is another patent pending deep learning model that is designed for operations process optimization. It automates the tedious process of process mining and hiring consultants to analyze all the data. Plus it does it at scale to all your processes, all the time.

AI - Predict Delays Before they Happen

Regrello uses deep learning to analyze historical lead times by supplier, region, item, and person to predict delays in long processes before they happen. 

Most manufacturing systems work on hardcoded lead times and lack an intelligent, evolving sense of how long processes are taking.

Speed Up Supplier Data Entry by 50% with Collaborative Forms

Collaborative, multi-company forms allow assigning form sections to multiple internal users. This speeds up data collection by 50% vs. single-threaded conventional forms which require users to gather information internally before completion. 

With messaging-in-context, Internal and external users can ask questions in the context of specific fields to reduce email back and forth. Internal teams can also review each section collaboratively, ask questions to suppliers inline, and approve in parallel

Use AI to get Executive Summaries of Workflow and Communication

Regrello Intelligent platform reads and monitors all email communication about a process and summarizes the latest status to give you context. You don’t have to read hundreds of email threads or drill into the app to get a quick understanding on what’s going on.

This provides visibility at scale which just wasn’t there without spending 10x more time reading emails.

AI Control Center

Regrello provides quick-look visibility into project and workflow status, including percent complete, estimated delivery date, and who, if anyone, is blocking the process.

See real-time insights in a single screen summarizing where suppliers and internal teams are, while retaining the ability to dive down to individual messages in a few clicks

Speed Up Operational Processes by 50%

Regrello automates manual work by:

  • Sending tasks and data to internal/external teams based on a project plan
  • Chasing teams down to complete their work on schedule
  • Auto-escalating overdue items
  • Automatically flagging poor quality data or information that requires further review

No other workflow application automates manual tasks and supports the escalations needed in manufacturing processes