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Leasing or Purchasing a Maritime Container: An Overview

For shipments made on a regular basis, purchasing your own container(s) is the most effective means for long-term cost optimization. When thinking about purchasing, make sure that your company has a consistent need for containers of the same size and features, otherwise the containers may go unused and incur storage charges. If your budget is tight and the timeframe is shorter-term, leasing may be a better option.


Multi-tier visibility in the supply chain- Q&A with Tom Linton

Over the last 100 years or so, the supply chain has been a straightforward, easily visible, 2-dimensional linear-type process. You have suppliers, planning, materials and manufacturing logistics followed by the distributor, wholesaler dealer and then end-user. What’s happening now is that the process is moving towards a 3-dimensional model. The emphasis and need for sustainability, visibility and agility is steering the supply chain in a multi-level direction.